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1. A Flower In A Window
2. A Gerbil Outside [Here] New
3. An Oak Tree [Here]
4. A Family Crest [Here] OR [Here] New
5. A Castle Turret [Here]
6. An Interesting Roundabout [Here]
7. A Pond With A Fountain
8. A Stretch Of Fields [Here]
9. View From the Top Of A Hill [Here]
10. Statue Of A Dog Or Horse [Here]
11. A Narrow Alley [Here] OR [Here] New
12. A Crowded Street
13. An Interesting Shop Window [Here] New
14. A Tree With A Twist [Here]
15. Dad In The Garden
16. A Playground (With Playthings)
17. A Forest Path [Here]
18. An Item You Recently Aquired [?] New
19. A Lolly You Love atm
20. You In The Sun

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Okay, here we go....I've been trooping arounf LJ looking for icons I thought you may like Jenneh, so here you go! (I think there is 50 odd so far) No need to feel obliged to take them all, just take what you want, I just had fun hunting so picked out quite a few XD When you save them the name that comes up is who made it so if you wanna credit them that'd probably be appriciated.
Oh, if you want some more just say and i'll go on the look again :3





It's JD!!

Here is a whole community dedicated to JD icons, so you can pick what you like :]
& here is a whole comm. for Furuba icons, so same there ^^

Says it all, really...

My Little Pony Convention!!
My day today:
Got up real early, and got dressed. Was surprizingly awake for that time of day. By 8.30 mum had got home from work, and Aunty Betty had come round. By 8.45 we were driving. Took about two and a half hours to get there, and I started worrying. I always do before big events, afraid they won't live up to expectations. But once we'ed managed to find a park in Morcambe, I was okay-ish. Going in, I was amazed! Although it was not how i imagined (is anything?) it was still spectacular! I first noticed the huge amount of ponies ("Wow! Technicolour plastic!!! *squeeeee!!*") and then the giant Sunny Daze on the stage.
I was awed. First I went round all the stalls, drooling over collections, trying to decide wheather i wanted to get anything and explaining certain ponies to my sister. There was a load of variety to look at: Custom baits (only a pound! And some weren't too shabby, either), collections, custom stalls, plenty of competitions, a tombola (which had a nice variety of prizes-from customs to magazines), customising tables, a whole long table of pony stuff (rucksacks, advent calendars and so on), a cake stall, lucky dip, people selling rarer ponies, a horse trust stall, the MLP collectors book stalls, and even someone who would sketch your pony while you waited!
I went round twice before actually doing anything. First i put 3 of my ponies in the hair-styling comp, then saw a 'bargin bin'- all ponies had something wrong with them, or were as common as muck. Unfortunatly, I missed the So-soft that was in there, but I did get one half of the newborn twins (p'raps someone else got her sister?) and an italian peachy! Both were in played with condition, but no major marks or any cutting.
I had a go on the raffle and lost ;0; But my sis had a go, and actually got a winnign ticket! She won a pretty customised baby sea pony, and because she isn't that interested in the Sea Ponies, she gave her to me! ^^
I carried on round, admiring a collection od MIB G3's, and I even saw some MOC Big brother ponies!! I'm sure the stallholder was afraid the cards were going to get soggy from all my drooling XD I moved on and got a Sweetheart sister pony for £5-I was thinking of buying her off E-bay for £8 the other day, plus p&p, so I'm glad i resisted! Got a couple of comments on my MLP clutch bag, which was nice. Someone even asked to take a pic of it!
I saw Debra Birge (sp?) the author of the MLP collectors books, and she'd brought Snow'el over from America! So I swapped for her, and now i finally have Snow'el ^¬^ *who0t*
Hairstyling comp got judged, but i didn't win, there were too many other ponies who had rather small plaits-I wasn't very original. Ah well.
I bought a well-made custom called Sugar Breeze, who even came with her own little story! In fact, all the customs on that table were very well made, I wish I'd got another!!
The auction started, unforunatly too expensive for me, raising £5 per bid! It was a shame, because I really liked one of the pics, but couldn't afford the £20 quid, considering I'm going to NZ soon and all.
Chrys got into her head that she would like to customise a pony with the materials left on the tables, so she and my mum did that, while I asked to have my new custom drawn. Unforunatly, the drawing is upstairs, so I can't remember the persons name who drew it (terrible memory ><) but she did a great job!!
I got my pic taken with the massive Sunny Daze, and saw the raffle being drawn (unfortunatly, I hadn't seen the box, so hadn't entered, dammit) then I had to go. But it was a great day, and i'm glad i had the 3 hour drive to go!
To top it off, on the way home i saw the knight bus on the M6 motor way!!! I'm a HP fan as well, so both my obbsessions in 1 day! *drools* unfortunatly, it was too dak to get a pic ;0;

VERY image intensiveCollapse )

Sorry if I've caught someone on camera who doesn't want to be here, just say and i'll take down the pic ^^

Hope you enjoyed my (excessive) discription of this years pony con! Thank you to the organisers too!


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